What is Zeepin Token sale plan?

2018-01-12 11:11

There are 3 phases in the token sale plan - the Private Placement, Pre-sale stage and the crowd sale stage. Please find the indicative terms and conditions as below:


- Conversion rate: 1NEO: 800ZPT(When NEO is around $100)

- Soft cap: $12million 

-Hard cap

USD42m (if 1NEO<=100USD) or 420,000NEO (if 1NEO >100USD)

*Including NEO/BTC/ETH

Hard cap shall be calculated on the average market price of each kind of token on Jan 17, 2018 instead of real-time price during ICO.

-If you attend our presale, the bonus will be 30%, which means 1NEO= 1040 ZPT.

-If you want to know more about our bonus, please visit the exchange rate(FAQ)

-The private placement is over

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