For users didn’t get Bounty Tokens:

Zeepin FAQ
2018-03-14 11:16

Please log in to your account and complete your information on setting page:
(This page will show up after you login)

Click the "Setting"

Complete your information and click "Submit"

* The Email address and NEO wallet address are necessary
(Exchange wallet address  is not available)

* For Neon wallet users:  ZPT need to be added manually

     Neon wallet ZPT adding process

* You shall still need to input your wallet address on setting page even if you complete KYC.

* The bounty tokens will automatically distribute to your bounty

* Anyone still not able to claim your bounty tokens please recut/paste your wallet address to the blank

Wish you all a great day!  

Zeepin Foundation


Bounty page Login:

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