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2018-01-17 03:17

Dear Zeepiners,

To help you go through KYC in a more smooth and efficient way, please kindly follow the steps listed below and pay great attention to notes highlighted in underline:

Step 1: Create your personal account on the Zeepin website via

  • We will send a link to your registered email address for activating your account. Please Log to your email and click the link. If you fail to receive the activation email within 20 minutes after registration, please check your spam folder.
  • Once you have successfully activated your account, please go to the KYC page and login.

Step 2: Complete your KYC form

  • Please fill out all the information required in the form with caution and accuracy. Any wrong or incomplete information may result in failure of KYC application.

Step 3: Photos required for uploading

After completion of the KYC form, please upload two photos as below:

  • One photo of the first page of your passport /ID covering all critical information about your passport/ID
  • The other photo shall be the one that we can see you holding your passport. This is super important to verify the authenticity of your application


  • Make sure your investment in ICO is legitimately approved by the country where your citizenship is defined and confirmed, and is not against the local law. For those who hold US passport or Chinese passport, their application will be denied
  • Wallet Address used to send tokens: BTC/ETH/NEO wallet is all applicable
  • Wallet Address receives the ZPTs: ONLY NEO wallet
  • Please download NEON 0.0.6 wallet for ICO investment, here is the step by step installment instructions:
  • You shall receive an confirmation email from Zeepin if your application of KYC is approved
  • If you fill out the KYC form with incorrect information or the photos you upload can’t meet the standards specified in the website, your request for KYC shall be denied.You may re-submit your application, but make sure this time all information is correct.


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