NEO Wallet Installation Guide

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2018-01-18 05:52

Please follow this guide if you do not have a NEON 0.1.0 wallet.

Please be noted: Only Neon wallet 0.1.0 can be applied for our ICO.

Step1Visit and download the Windows, Mac, or Linux version of the NEO wallet.

Step2Install the wallet as required. Once installed, open your NEON wallet.

Step3Click on “Create a new wallet”

Step4Enter and confirm a passphrase for your wallet. This will encrypt your Private Key and allow you the easy access to re-logging  without WIF. Please click “Generate keys” button after completion of these steps.

Step5:Save all the key information in a super-safe place. You can only share your Public Key if needed. Your Private key can help you log into other wallets. Please kindly name your key and click ‘Save key’ after you make sure all the critical key information is well kept.

Click ‘Back’.

Step6:Try to log into your wallet using both “encrypted key”and “private key”to make sure both of them work. If either of them fail to work, go back to step 3 and create a new wallet.

Step7Please log out the wallet web-page if both the Encrypted Key and Private Key can work, then click ‘Login used a saved wallet’.

Step8Select your wallet from the dropdown menu. It will be the name you gave your key in step 5. Enter the passphrase you set in step 4. Click ‘Login’.

Thank you for your pariticipation

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