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Zeepin FAQ
2018-01-18 09:32

Please be noted: For NEO investors, only Neon 0.1.0 version can be applied for ICO.

For those who haven't got a NEON wallet, please refer to NEON wallet installment instruction via the following link:

Here are the steps for participating in Token Sale:

1. Login

2. Click on “Participate in Token Sale".

3.Click "Add a neo token to purchase"

4. Click "Add new token" and paste the script hash in to the  new blank.

   * The script hash will be released in your personal KYC page at 01:00 pm (UTC time), Jan. 18th, 2018

5. Click "Save" and click "Participate in token sale" again.

6. Choose "ZPT" and put in the NEO amount that you want to invest.

7. Choose the option 1 and click purchase


8. Go back to your homepage and check your status.


Thank you for participating in the Zeepin ICO!

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