What problems does Zeepin solve?

2017-12-17 11:08

Four main problems will be solved:

A. The existing difficulty of rights confirmation and protection restrains the innovative impetus for designers. Our solution is to digitize and record their creative assets using our dApp called “Copyright Pro”. The cost will be close to zero to get the copyright certification. We also have ZeeSure to support designers to ensure the protection.

B. Imperfect supervision and benefit distribution mechanism for copyright assets leads to a disheartening lack of trust mechanism for users. We plan to use smart contract based Authorization Pro and its traceability to handle this.

C. The centralized trading venues cannot keep up with the trend of “lightweight” innovation development. We are building a decentralized interconnection and transaction platform to solve this problem.

D. The untrustworthy and opaque trading mode cannot blend in well with financial innovation. To tackle this, we are taking advantage of the scalability of Blockchain to interconnect with third-party financial institutions and investors.

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