For users couldn’t download NEON 0.0.6

Zeepin FAQ
2018-01-15 15:07

Neon 0.0.6 has been removed from official website.
We are still discussing with NEO team now, please kindly wait for the newest information.

*Please do not download it from unverified sources and fall into traps.  

To users haven’t finish our KYC

Because you can use same wallet address in different NEON version wallet.
Here is the temporary solution.

1.) You can download NEON 0.0.9 and create a wallet address

2.) Save your private/encrypted key

3.) Finish our KYC first

4.) We will have a announcement about wallet later, stay tuned.   


NEON 0.0.9 wallet address:  

NEON wallet installation guide:

*Please skip step one and install from the address above.

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